Herbal stuff

Being mindful, attentive to what’s in front of my face, is key.  Taking time.  Not rushing through anything, unless it’s crossing the street quickly so as to not get hit.

Which reminds me.  The other day, I noticed some beautiful patches of red clover on the street across from the grocery we go to.  Stopped the van in the parking lot of the store, asked the kids to keep an eye on me, and walked across to pull some up.  There was lots. Funny thing too.  I was out there, maybe 2-3 minutes, no longer.  A man about the age of my husband stopped his pick-up alongside of me (he was in the turn-lane so not right up against the side of the road, but still, he was staring), and rather than go on with his bad self, got an eyeful.  Can’t folks mind their own business?  I looked up, noticed he was just sitting there and went back to what I was doing. He was probably wondering what this crazy woman was up to pulling weeds alongside the railroad tracks, but I was just doing what I do.

Three minutes.  It took that long for someone to get into my business.  Isn’t that just weird?  Okay, so maybe he thought I was awesome.  Nah.

He drove off, I finished what I was doing and I’ll use the clover for tinctures.

As I said, being mindful is so important. This week is tincture-making week.  It makes my heart sing, and my heart—it really needs to sing.

All in good time…

Knickers in a twist. Sort of. Had a wedding just last September. Have another newly-engaged son. Wedding likely somewhere between mid-October and early April. Across country. Mustn’t borrow trouble. Easy to get frazzled.

Daughters in a tizzy, realizing we can’t ALL go, the reality being we have 3 dogs and 4 chickens, etc. Husband has two jobs, and is real hesitant about taking more leave from his church work. He’s told our son. We’re cool.

These are facts. And as much as I would love to please everyone, it’s just not possible.

The Lord reminded me this afternoon of some memorized Scripture.  Namely Proverbs 3:5-6. Liking the part about leaning not on my own understanding.

With certain life events, it would be awesome if things fell neatly into place, without anguish. And without spikes in blood pressure. May it be so. God is the instigator in our son’s relationship with this sweet girl.

He has this.

Mom stories

Have noticed since we got back from our holiday, I’ve fallen too quickly into the rush of days. My mom’s care exhausts me emotionally, and I can feel my mind whirling.

If I spread out in front of me all my duties, it’s the responsibilities associated with my mother that are the most draining. Her new thing is thinking she needn’t put creamer and sweetener in her morning coffee. Says they’re bad for her. But the decision was triggered by ants that got into her kitchen which then led to them getting into her dry creamer twice in one week. She can’t remember to snap closed the top. Listen, she’s 87, and the way I figure it, if I was in her position, I’d begin to develop some bad habits. Smoking being at the top of my list. I often smoke in my dreams and just love it. Grandfather, uncles, dad, husband smoked. It’s in my DNA. But that’s another topic entirely.

She’s afraid of getting fat. Seriously.

For some reason, she feels the need to scold herself. Not sure where that comes from. Her stroke has so limited her, I’m thinking treats are in order, not deprivation.

A dear friend shared with me her experiences in caring for the elderly, how in their weakness, they would drain her energy. Just sap it right out of her. I so agree.

Anyhow. Today we shop for Mom. Maybe I’ll try to slip in something fun. Food is her only vise, so chocolate might be in order. Her appetite has diminished lately, so it’s hard to satisfy that spark we all have for enjoyment. Must try, however. We all need to feed that spark for delight in life.

Need this reminder.